Rebecca ♥ 20 ♥ Ontario

Hufflepuff. Tetris addict. Idealist. Compulsive book buyer. Socially awkward penguin. Dreamer. Easily amused. Enjoys long romantic walks to the fridge. ♥

English major, prone to flailing over random books-of-the-week.

My fictional kindred spirits are Rachel Green, Rory Gilmore, and Jo March. ♥

I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world. We're basically Marshall and Lily from HIMYM

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why the hell did we all learn the exact words

"the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

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royal wedding guests be like “oh! I didn’t know this was gonna be a murder mystery party!”

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let’s jdate?


let’s jdate?

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"Etch her name into your bedroom floor so you have to get over her every morning."  - I can think of things that hurt me (via babyboozebag)

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"This is what makes Lloyd wonderful, the best of Crowe’s rash, restless dreamers: He has all that doubt, but no fear. He knows what could happen, what almost has to happen; he charges ahead anyway. He’s not naïve. He’s simply determined in the arena of happiness and love the way other movie heroes are determined in the arenas of sports and competition. He wants to be a real person, and tells a dinner party worth of people that the only thing he knows for sure is that he doesn’t want to buy anything, sell anything or process anything."  - Say Anything turns 25 today (via emilywalks)

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"This is nice."
"Yeah. It’s good to be home."

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